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Body Image During Pregnancy

Body Image during pregnancy and after pregnancy can be a very delicate thing and trying time.  Some women do great all throughout pregnancy and after, while for others, it is a very sensitive topic and a mentally tough phase in their life.  It always looks so much easier than it really is for us women.  You see the girl walking down the street with the cute perfectly round belly, dressed up in cute maternity clothes, and think wow, I wanna be pregnant, it looks so adorable.  All the while, she is thinking: I look like a cow, my skin is breaking out, I am swollen all over, I have more hair than usual, I am an emotional wreck, A cocktail would be great but got 3 more months to go, and damb my nipples and other girl parts are really dark in color! 

Pregnancy is a totally amazing experience however; it can be a total mind trip.  Many women absolutely LOVE being pregnant and feel the sexiest they ever have in their life!  You feel great, love your belly, the sex is awesome and you are experiencing one of the biggest labors that life has to offer, giving life! 

On the other hand, pregnancy can really be a miserable experience for a lot of women.  If you are already self-conscious of your weight you are now about to gain a fair amount, you feel ill or are even throwing up, you have leg cramps, your skin has changed, your hair has changed, you cant do many of your usual social activities which can make you feel like an outcast, people stare, touch and say some pretty dumb offensive stuff from time to time like “Oh my gosh, look how big you have gotten!” or “Wow, that is gonna be one big baby!” …What????  Any of those comments are the last thing a woman wants to hear! 

Ok, so what can you do about all of this if you are one of the many women that does not cope well with all of this change?  First and foremost, you are not alone in this struggle, many women go through this!  So, tune out the noise and get out of your own head!  Most of what you are thinking about yourself is probably not true!  Secondly, educate yourself.  What do I mean? Educate yourself on what to foods to avoid that may cause discomfort or swelling such as sugar and sodium and learn the right things to eat to help keep swelling and weight gain under control. 

Some of those foods would be watermelon, celery, leafy greens, etc. just to name a few!  Next, walk or exercise if your doctor says it’s OK.  This will help in so many ways, not just with physical weight gain but with your mental health.  Exercise releases endorphins which will help you feel great mentally and you will feel more in control of your body and your decisions about your body since a lot of what is happening to it is out of your control. 

Last but not least, try to savor the experience no matter what, you may only experience this once in a lifetime and take comfort in knowing that your current condition is only temporary.  You will be back to you in no time and will have the phenomenal company of your new little sweetheart on your journey back to the new you, one hot mama!