What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Written by Naa T


Posted on July 21 2017

Are you ready for your baby’s birth? It’s worth having your hospital bag packed during the third trimester (at about week 36), just in case he makes an early arrival. Figuring out what to pack could be a bit challenging, especially if this is your first time. This checklist will help you pack your pregnancy hospital bag so you’ll be ready when the time comes!

Bag of travel-sized toiletries: Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, lotion, contact solution (if needed), deodorant, face wash, things you use every day pretty much.

Slippers/socks: Hospital floors can be both cold and germy, so you will want to have these handy.

Notebook and pen: The nurses and doctor tell you a lot of information before you leave the hospital. In addition, you might have a lot of questions before you leave the hospital. It will be great to have a special place to write any information down so that you have it in one place and won’t lose it when you get home.

Folder: You get a lot of paperwork when you have a baby, it will be helpful to have a folder where you can organize them all and avoid crushing them.

Outfit to go home in: We recommend something comfortable yet stylish, since you will be taking lots of pics. Mommylicious has an array of stylish maternity clothes which you can wear immediately postpartum. Here are a few options:

Our Stripped Maternity  Maxi Dress, High-Low T-Shirt Dress, Tiny Tassels Maternity Top paired with our maternity jeggins are all stylish yet comfortable outfits that you can wear postpartum.

Pajamas: Just in case you do not want to spend your entire time in the hospital robe, mommylicous has a variety of cute and comfy maternity pajamas that you can wear before and after birth.

The Hazelnut Nursing Pajamas is a must have for your hospital stay, great for after hours nursing and relaxation or for just lounging around the house during the day while pregnant and postpartum.

Plastic bag for laundry: This is great for separating your dirty clothes from your clean clothes

Nursing pads: Most women leak when their milk first comes in as their bodies adjust to how much milk baby will drink. So bring some nursing pads just in case you’re one of them.

Nursing bras: While it is possible to nurse your baby using regular bras, nursing bras are the best! They clip down so you can just reveal one at a time and that way you don’t have to awkwardly move your bra around to feed your baby. Mommylicious has several options of nursing bras to choose from:

The moulded nursing bra is a super cute and comfy cotton maternity and nursing lingerie! With chic and playful black and white stripe patterns, Paris is a gorgeously molded nursing bra; a great choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lined with our signature Hot Pink 100% cotton for maximum comfort. Embellished with our signature Hot Pink satin bows.

Our Violet Maternity and Nursing Bra unleashes the flirty side of you. This chic and wonderfully constructed bra features pale pink full molded cups with beautiful nude all over shimmer lace and caged front straps detailing. Embellished with our brand's signature splash of hot pink color throughout - cup lining, nursing clips, and decorative bows, the Violet nursing bra provides both function and everyday comfort. Lined with our signature hot pink 100% cotton for breathable comfort.

Our Nude Nursing Bra is a beautifully constructed nude nursing bra featuring soft nude shimmer lace, full moulded plunge peach color cups embellished with the brand's signature splash of hot pink color throughout – cup lining, nursing clips, and decorative bows. This bra provides both function and everyday comfort.

Birth Plan: This is a paper that tells the nurses at the hospital what you want and don’t want to do during labor and postpartum. You can just print off one online and bring your own in case you don’t get one from your hospital.

Music: Labor can take a long time, and you may play music either to pass the time or to help you relax during contractions.  

Makeup: Just in case you are able to wash your face and do your makeup at the start of each day. This can be a sort of confidence and morale booster

Camera and charger: A camera is one of the most important things you can bring to the hospital. You want to document your time there so you can remember it later.

Phone and charger: To communicate with and update family and friends.

Tablet or laptop (for entertainment in case your labor takes a long time). you need this to while away the time.

Once your maternity bag is packed, keep it handy, either in the car or in your hallway or by your front door, so you'll be ready to go at a moment's notice!



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