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Posted on February 21 2019

We are sure that as a mother, you want to keep every moment of your pregnancy in your memory forever. After all, this is a special moment for women that happens at least one time in our lifetime and we want to help you cherish it. You are growing a new human being in your belly, developing a special connection that only the two of you can have.

A pregnancy photo shoot is perfect for this occasion since you will be able to capture the connection and the happiness that you are experiencing while waiting for your little baby boy or girl.

We want this moment to be completely perfect just as much as you do. But we also empathize with the fact that moms must make a lot of decisions, like choosing the right photographer, the appropriate place, and the perfect outfit to wear during to have the perfect photos!

Even if you are a woman who is not a big fan of photos, we are sure you will want to have a photo album that captures every stage of your pregnancy. We love having new experiences, and this is certainly an experience to keep in your heart for the rest of your life.

This post will guide you through some of the steps that will allow you to have the photoshoot of your dreams!

  • Choosing the photographer

The first question you’re most likely to ask yourself will be this: “Who is going to capture these moments?” The answer is simple, someone who will make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Pregnancy can make you feel vulnerable. Your body has changed so much that sometimes you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, and we don't want that discomfort and low confidence to show in these pictures.

Finding a photographer who has the experience of working with pregnant women, someone that clicks with you and guide you along the way will work wonders, as far as getting you ready for the shoot goes. However, make sure to review their previous jobs to see the quality and technique that is used on the pictures. If what you see is what you want, then go for it!

  • Finding the right time and place

You can take your pregnancy pictures in an endless variety of setting. Some of us enjoy the privacy of taking pictures on a studio. Others prefer to be more adventurous and go outside. It all depends on what you have in mind and where you feel at your best.

Let the photographer know about the locations you have in mind. The photographer will follow up with you by giving professional advice and recommendations to help you achieve the best results.

It is recommendable to take the pictures at the beginning of the third trimester, because that will be the period when your belly is really showing. Make sure to not wait too long, though! You never know when the baby is ready to come out and meet you face to face.

  • Having the perfect outfit!

This is our favorite step, because you get to choose your favorite Maternity Gown! As the embedded link show, we have options to make you look flawless during your shoot.

If you want to do something fancy, we have the Strapless Maternity Photoshoot Dress. It adjusts to every curve of your body, making your belly stand out and act as the true subject of this shoot. We love it because it has an alluring mermaid fit, plus it comes in a variety of colors! We are sure that the hue you want is there for you.

We also have the Off Shoulder Maternity Photoshoot Gown that shows a bit more skin, while allowing everybody to see your beautiful belly. The soft fabric of the gown gives you the comfort you need to show off your stunning belly in any stage of pregnancy.

Finally, we have the Off Shoulder Maternity Maxi Photography Dress. This is a more casual option that will make you look good for every occasion. This dress allows you to capture the perfect shot that will last a lifetime.

Now that you have completed the three key steps for creating the photoshoot of your dreams, don't be afraid to book your favorite maternity photographer and make your ideas a reality!



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