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Posted on March 29 2019

If you are a fashionista, the first thing that comes to mind when you are pregnant, just starting to notice changes in your body, is this: Where am I going to buy Maternity Lingerie? Where is the best place to find these items?

We know that pulling off the look associated with Maternity Lingerie you want is not as easy as social media presents it. Fashion bloggers and lingerie sites post pictures of pregnant women with a perfectly shaped belly and flattering options that make them look amazing! In reality, it can be quite a challenge for moms-to-be to duplicate what they see.

Our best advice is to avoid getting frustrated if you don't find the best Maternity Lingerie for you on the first try. When you find the right choice, you will feel like you are the best version of yourself and rock those pieces out whenever you decide to.

That said - how should one buy Maternity Lingerie? The truth is that all bodies are different, so it depends on how much your body has changed and whether you feel comfortable or not in your old undies.

We can point out some clues that will let you know if you need new Maternity Lingerie. During pregnancy, it is hard to tell how your bust will be affected by it. Your hips will grow wider as well, not to mention your baby bump as the months go on. Your old bra will fit too tightly, your panties will fit too tightly, and your blouses will fit too tightly. It’s hard to remain comfortable in such circumstances.

When you buy Maternity Lingerie, you have the opportunity to consider two things: Comfort and Sexiness. The days of wearing plain lingerie during pregnancy are over. You just have to find the right pieces to prove it to yourself.

Now your next question will be: Where can I buy Maternity Lingerie? There are a lot of places that sell Maternity Lingerie, but which one could possibly be the right one for you?

We have to confess our secret. Nestling & Co offers the best Maternity Lingerie pieces we have seen in recent years, and the reason why is because we have the cutest and perfect pieces for pregnant and plus-sized pregnant women! Their inclusion of all body types in the design of their pieces is simply amazing.

The following images will be showcasing our top pieces for Maternity Lingerie and Plus Size Maternity Lingerie.


Our first pick is this angelic piece that will make you feel lighter than air while you are pregnant. The Bridal Maternity Lingerie - Atlas Set is a two-piece lingerie set, which includes a white mesh polka dot babydoll with a satin bow, adjustable straps, and matching a G-string. The best part about this set is that you can use it if you are celebrating your wedding while you are pregnant.


Our second piece is for plus size women, called the Plus Lace Floral Lavender Chemise Set. This one has romantic vibe about it, which will let you have an intimate moment with your partner. This draping body falls subtly below the hips and includes a matching G-string.

As you can see, buying Maternity Lingerie is not as difficult as you might think. You just need to find the right place that carries the right pieces, and you have both of them now!

Let us know which one is your favorite and what made you fall in love with it. Pregnancy is just the first step in a larger journey, and buying fun bits and pieces are a vital part of it.



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