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Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on June 08 2017

Finding formal maternity dresses or stylish maternity dresses, is most likely on the priority list for many fashionable pregnant women this season. For centuries, women have been known to be obsessed with fashion and till this very day fashion continues to be at the forefront of many important aspects of our society. What we wear helps us compartmentalize and categorize life events. Take for example what you would wear to an interview, vs what you would wears to a babyshower. These two events are very different from each other and nothing indicates this fact more than the difference in the type of clothing worn to each.

For many women, fashion is a way to express themselves…another language of some sorts. You can tell a lot about a woman based on what she wears and how she wears it. You can even tell a lot about a woman based on what she refuses to wear. Personal style is a quality that comes about when you are well aware of your preferences based on your body type, lifestyle, personal philosophy etc. When you have personal style, you have a “why” behind which fashion pieces you choose to wear.  

Your personal style might for instance, mirror your leadership style at work. You might be highly organized, push for quality, respond to traditional power structures, enjoy process and never settle for less. As a result, you might not buy many trendy pieces and might instead stick to traditional pieces. In addition, you might care way more about the cut, the fabric, and how the clothing will sit on your body, than who wore it or if you should be wearing it right now because it’s the “it” thing to do. For other women, dressing each day is quite meaningful in expressing how they feel at the moment and they allow their clothes to do the talking.

There isn’t another season choke full of special occasions like the Spring/Summer      season. It’s a very popular season for graduation ceremonies and weddings. Also, for some reason, lots of women’s due dates occur in the Spring/Summer months so baby showers are also very popular at this time. Events that are less-season specific, like birthday parties, dinner parties and other celebrations can also occur during this season. With all these special occasions cropping up during the spring/summer season, the fashion forward woman like yourself, is always looking to show up in a way that expresses her personal style. But you might ask, “What if I’m pregnant? Can I still look like my fabulous fashionable self?”

Some women might put comfort at the very top of their priority list and decide to live in muumuu’s their entire pregnany. However, if you’re one of those stylish ladies who want to look cute during their pregnancy, then wearing a muumuu to a wedding is a no-no!! You might or might not be showing yet and finding the right outfit might prove to be a challenge! You've probably combed through your entire wardrobe and most of your outfits are slightly fitting snug in the middle.

The truth is, an ever-growing baby bump can make transitioning to pregnancy as a stylish woman slightly tricky. When you add the layer of shopping for cute maternity dresses for special occasions to the mix the situation gets even trickier!

There are several characteristics about style that communicate an idea. These include, but are not limited to, color, texture, cut, fit, length, trend, size etc. Depending on your size, lifestyle and other personal preferences, you might decide to focus on any one or a combination of these qualities when choosing a dress.

It is very common to hear that women who are expecting don’t particularly love their rapidly expanding bodies. This totally makes sense, especially when you consider the fact that you are not used to seeing your body change on an almost weekly basis. You might be concerned about stretch marks, saggy breasts, unsightly cellulite, acne, hair loss and a host of other bodily changes that come with pregnancy. Its important to note that not all of these changes will be permanent. Many of these changes disappear once your preganancy is over or a few months after. 

It is important to realize that pregnancy is an amazing period in a womans life. We can call it that glorious chapter in our lives when our bodies turn into a wondrous baby-making machine! "Women need to develop a willingness to view bodily changes as part of the journey of motherhood, instead of something to be feared," says Julie Hanks, a psychotherapist, and owner and director of Wasatch. So allow yourself to celebrate the fact that your body is working some serious magic right now. Before you get stymied by stretch marks or focused on flabby skin, take time to reflect on how you will teach your child—in your words and in your actions—that you appreciate your body. We have the power to help future generations grow up placing a higher value on good health than on weight and physical appearance. But before we can pass along those positive attitudes, we must first embrace them for ourselves.

 If your body changes are stumping you, though, here’s some inspiration. These stylish maternity dresses take the hassle out of getting dressed and keep you feeling gorgeous all the way through the third trimester.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up your personal style. You can still maintain your personal style while pregnant if you pay attention to a few simple details. There are so many affordable maternity dress options out there that can flatter your beautiful shape. Generally, as a pregnant woman, you want your outfit to be the right mix of comfortable, appropriate, and cute while showing off your gorgeous bump! Since your bump is ever growing, you want to avoid fabrics that don’t stretch or silhouettes that don’t account for a growing bump. Opt for block colors or solid colors that compliment your skin tone.

 Whether you're carrying high or low or are small or big all over, finding cute maternity dresses for your special occasion can be easy if you know and understand your body type and have an idea of how different cuts fit that body type. This makes it easy to identify which outfits to focus on and which to eliminate.

 If you're big all over:

Some women gain just in the belly, but many more discover that baby weight distributes all over. You're not alone if you're swelling everywhere from your limbs to your face. But whether you're tall, plus-size, or just feeling bigger than your usual self, don't let trying on clothes become a battle. Soft fabrics in dark solid colors and longer lines are the best ways to help you feel great while still accentuating your beautiful bump.

This beautiful maternity dress in burgundy from perfectly fits the bill. The long lines created by the maxi length coupled with the dark burgundy color create a sliming and lengthening effect. The sleeves are long enough to camouflage your arms in a way that flatters and makes them appear leaner. The fabric and cut create a comfortable outfit that allows your bump to be the center of attention. The maxi length of this beautiful burgundy dress makes it especially suitable for taller women but women on the short side can also benefit from wearing this dress, as it created the illusion of height.

 The Black Tie Sash Maternity Dress similarly has long lines created by the maxi length of the dress and with the black tie sash the bust is elegantly separated from the bump creating an appealing silhouette. The solid black color of this stylish maternity dress gives it a slimming effect and makes it suitable for a myriad of special occasions. This Black Tie-Sash Maternity Maxi Dress is the perfect piece to make you look and feel effortlessly elegant. This beautiful dress features a scalloped neckline, and a polka dot sash bow tie right above your bump! 

 If you’re carrying high:

If your belly is popping up and out, you can easily rock some really cute maternity dresses. Styles that separate bust from bump with high belts, ties, and color-block separates look especially good on you.

Check out this Lovely Lavendar Lace Maternity Dress at The fabric is soft and strechy, making your growing belly comfortable enough to expand as it pleases, while you look sexy and youthful in the figure hugging lavender number.

Another dress from that would flatter your high bump is the Floral Lace Round Babydoll Maternity Dress. If you prefer a dress that is not so figure hugging and has a loser fit around your growing bump, then this dress is perfect for you. Its made out of a beautiful floral lace fabric with a delicate pink color, which creates the ultimate feminine vibe. The length of this dress makes it a versatile option which can appeal to both shorter and taller women. For a shorter woman the hem of the dress might hit way below knees, while it would obviously hit above the knees on a taller woman. In either case, this is an outfit that can be worn to many special occasions including but not limited to, weddings, formal dinners, parties and many other types of celebrations. It could also be the

If you're carrying low:

If your baby is sitting low, you might be showing off a sweet belly just above your hips. For your comfort, look for clothing that's soft on the waistline. These pieces from can accentuate your shape and make you feel lean and sexy.

The Floral Lace Maternity Dress, which is made up of a comfortable strechy lace material. This dress hugs the body in all the right places making your beautiful bump the star of the show. The navy color of this stylish maternity dress makes it a classic and versatile style, which can be used as a baby shower dress, formal maternity dress, date night outfit or for just about any occasion.

Your search for an affordable maternity dress to wear to your baby shower or to your family members graduation ceremony ends here. This loose fitting Bell Sleeve Maternity Dress is the perfect baby shower or graduation ceremony outfit. It is has a simple silhouette that makes the dress look classy and feminine.

 If you're small all over

If you were petite to begin with, that bump's got nowhere to go but out! But the rest of you might be as tiny as ever. A small-all-over figure really allows you to play up your maternity style. Experiment with prints and more, and don't be afraid to take fashion risks and have some fun.

When it comes to cute maternity dresses, this Metallic Floral Lace Midi Maternity Dress from is a front-runner. It is the perfect combination of cute and comfortable. The metallic floral lace fabric creates texture and contrast, which helps in balancing out the proportions between your bulging belly and petite frame. This super stylish formal maternity dress will definitely have you turning heads!

Another cute maternity dress that will look good on your petite frame is the Navy Lace Baby Doll Maternity Dress. If you prefer a dress that has a loser fit around your growing bump and which is not as figure revealing, then this dress is perfect for you. Its made out of a beautiful floral lace fabric with a delicate pink color, which creates the ultimate feminine vibe. This floral lace contrast babydoll dress will have you outshine everyone whether its a holiday party or family dinner, you will feel sexy and your look will be on trend. A definite mommy must have this spring/summer season.

 Here at Mommylicious Maternity, we have an array of cute maternity dresses you can style your bump in for any special occasion this season. Have fun shopping our collection and keep in mind, the most important part of picking an outfit is feeling confident before you even start shopping, so embrace your beautiful pregnant body and have fun trying on new looks!




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