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Posted on April 04 2019

There are a lot of things that change in your body while you are pregnant, but that is no reason to despair. A brand new human being is being made inside your body and you should be proud of it.

This new life is a blessing, one which will be your companion during the rest of your life. So if you think that these body changes are not worth it, you might feel stressed out about the years to come.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, just as much as parenthood is a beautiful thing. It is a very unique period in your life where you experience things that you could never imagine! Even if some changes are not as good as the others, you will want to remember the experience forever.

The most common negative change reported by pregnant women is something casually referred to as "pregnancy brain" where pregnant women forget everything that they have to do. Wider hips are the second most common change that pregnant women report as being negative.

To think of wider hips as a matter of weight gain is inaccurate. Truth be told, the pelvis itself is what actually grows. It needs to, in order to let your baby go pass through the birth canal. As a result, you might see how your old clothes, even the Maternity Underwear you bought early on in pregnancy, no longer fit.

Body changes such as this means you have every reason to indulge in shopping for a new wardrobe! So if you are thinking about getting some Maternity Panties, or even a few Sexy Nursing Bras, we are going to show you some of our favorites!

When you think of Maternity Underwear, the first thing that comes to mind - unfortunately - are hopelessly boring white cotton panties and bras. But if you look in the right places, you can find some Sexy Nursing Bras and Maternity Panties that will give your closet the flair and flirtatiousness it needs.

Nestling & Co’s Maternity Underwear selection hosts a variety of pieces that many other online stores do not have. Additionally, they have a complete and unique range that includes plus-size women’s underwear, cute clothes, even formal dresses!


When it comes to Maternity Panties, we love the Sexy You! Set - since it is the most simple set that you will find online, while still retaining the cute and sexy style that prevents the simplicity from transforming into something boring.

This super-chic lingerie provides both functionality and everyday comfort, two of the most important things to look for while you are pregnant.

And guess what? This set comes with a Sexy Nursing Bra! This bra is beautifully constructed, featuring a soft nude shimmer lace, a full-molded plunge, and peach color cups embellished with the brand's signature splash of hot pink color throughout – present in the cup lining, the nursing clips, and its decorative bows.


If you are looking for a trendier look, the Olivia Maternity Underwear Set is the right one for you. It comes with the most comfortable and Sexy Nursing Bra that keeps everything in the right place. The matching Maternity Panties make fantastic use of the olive-green detailed lace that allow its flirty, cheeky shape to really stand out.

As you can see, finding cute and sexy Maternity Underwear is not impossible. It just takes a little bit of time and dedication before you find the right place for you. Give these pieces a chance and let us know about your favorite selection!



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