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Posted on February 12 2019



It's almost Valentine's Day, and we don’t think we’d be doing our job if we weren’t ready to prepare you for this special occasion. We know that there are a lot of mommies out there who love to dress up and feel pretty, even during pregnancy. That is why we are going to show you our top picks for this season of romance.

There's plenty of things you can plan for your partner during Valentine's day. So whether you are doing something casual, or preparing a plan that requires a little more formality, we have a complete selection that will make you feel at your best whatever you decide to do.

Nestling and Co. not only has a maternity lingerie collection available, but we also have a maternity dress collection, perfect for every occasion! Remember - our main goal is to make you feel good and sexy even when you are pregnant. In the 21st century, you don’t have to settle for anything less!

Every person’s body is different, and this also applies to pregnancy. The shape of your bump is different, depending on what the gender of your baby is going to be. There's a theory that says that high and pointed bellies mean that you are having a boy, and if your belly gains weight equally in all parts it means you are having a girl.

Whether this is true or not, these things were all taken into consideration as we designed sexy maternity clothes and sexy maternity lingerie. Each item adapts to your curves and the ever-changing shape belly during every stage of your pregnancy.

formal maternity dress

Our first pick is the Formal Maternity Dress. This is perfect for a formal occasion, like having a good fancy dinner during Valentine's Day. The detailed, lacey material gives the dress a special touch. The light fabric also allows the dress to adapt perfectly to every curve of your body.

Even if it looks simple, you can accessorize by matching it with your favorite shoes, jewelry, and the perfect hairdo.

baby shower dress

If you are looking for something more casual, we’ve got you covered. The Skirt Maternity Dress is a must-have because you can use it for plenty of situations. For Valentine's day, you can wear it for a simple day out in the park, or having a light lunch and dessert in a cosmopolitan café with the partner of your dreams.

Our goal at the moment of designing these dress was to make you feel comfortable and pretty every time you wear it. As such, this dress has a bold top, a ruched waist, and a floral skirt. Pair it up with sandals, heels, or even your favorite trainers - if you so choose.

maternity lingerie

If you want to spice things up during this special time but still retain the conservative graces of modern fashion, we have the Heart Shaped World Lingerie Chemise. It has an adorable heart design, and yet its neckline and cleavage in the back let your partner see a little bit more of skin.

The chemise is made of a soft and stretchy material that will make you feel sexy and comfortable all at once.

red maternity lingerie

The Glam and Gold Lingerie is a hot number, and it’s also one of our favorites - because this will definitely allow you to have the greatest night with your partner.

It’s a two piece set, composed of a red, sheer babydoll with golden sequins under the bust that allows your attributes to stand out. We’ve also paired it with a matching, sheer mesh panty that ties the look together.

We know how the body changes during this stage of our lives. But if you want to own that change and make the most of this brief, yet powerful experience, you can have the ability to do that with this daring look.

maternity lingerie

Finally, we have our Midnight Muse Set! This is definitely one of the most special maternity lingerie sets we have to offer, since it comes in a color that we all love: black. The babydoll comes with adjustable straps, ruffles, and a matching g-string that will make you feel playful and super sexy.

This piece also has been cut from the underwire down to the hem, which allows you to see your pregnant belly and make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

We designed each of these fashion items, knowing that they can be used during special occasions like Valentine's Day. We surely hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed designing them.

Let us know which ones were your favorites, or if you found any other sexy maternity lingerie and dresses on our website! The Nestling & Co. team will love to hear back from you.



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