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Posted on February 12 2019



It’s easy to lose your sense of fashion while pregnant. We all have wanted to lounge around in comfortable clothes instead of putting on fancy ones. All that is about to change, because now it is possible to be both casual and stylish at the same time.

We feel that maternity dresses are the best solution for maternity clothing. Many pregnant women out there have struggled whenever they’re getting dressed, which is why many of us opt for a pair of leggings and a comfy sweater and call it good. After all, there are more important matters to attend to.

But there's a wide world of fashionable maternity clothing options out there for you to explore! We are going to give you some advice, as well as a few potential outfits to help you down the path of fashionable pregnancy. Remember that being pregnant is all about enjoying yourself and being bold with your clothing options. Besides, you only have a few times in your life to enjoy this kind of clothing.

There's nothing bad about showing your baby belly. Every time we see a woman out there using clothes that enhance their baby bump, it means they are enjoying every step of the pregnancy.

Here at Nestling & Co., we have a dress that will suit you during any situation that can come up while you are expecting your baby. If your closest friend is getting married, we have the perfect maternity wedding dress for you. If you are throwing a baby shower, we have the perfect formal maternity dress to keep you looking your best during your party.

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For our maternity wedding dress collection, we have five different dresses that will please every taste. If you want something simple and fashionable, we are sure you will enjoy our formal maternity dress or our floral and lace maternity dress, which we are proud to say is our #1 best seller!

Their simplicity that comes from the color and the elegance that comes from the lace detailing will make heads turn around wherever you are, so be ready to receive a lot of compliments out there!

     baby shower dress                                baby shower dresses

If you are throwing a baby shower, chances are you’re looking for a more simple design. We love to see moms out there wearing our floral maternity dress and our hip and lightweight maternity dress. Both of these designs will make you the celebrated figure you deserve to be during this amazing celebration.

Doing a little photoshoot to remember this special time during their life can either be a hassle or a moment to remember forever, based on how they feel about it. That’s why we have a special selection of gowns and dresses that fit perfectly at the time of capturing this special moment.

              maternity photoshoot dressmaternity photo shoot dress

Our favorite pick for this occasion is the off shoulder maternity photography dress. We love this one because it allows you to show off your belly while looking like a pop star! It adapts to your curves in a delightful way, hugging every curve of your body perfectly.

Looking good while still appreciating the comfortable feeling for every occasion has become more of an undeniable reality as the years have gone by.  You shouldn’t have to make an excuse to avoid experimenting with fashion while being pregnant any longer! Here at Nestling & Co., we make sure we’re there for you at every occasion.



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