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Posted on March 07 2019

A new life is coming to the world! One of the best ways to prepare you for it is by hosting a baby shower! As a mother, it might sound easy to plan for a baby shower - seeing as how you and your baby are the celebrated figures - but when you start thinking about everything you need to have the perfect party, you may realize that you will need some extra hands to help you out.

Preparing a baby shower is a complex matter. You have to make sure that everyone is invited, it is up to you to choose a theme that you and your partner enjoy, and maybe you will want to have a little surprise like a gender reveal! Thus, we are going to walk you through the most important steps to throwing the perfect baby shower.


First, you need to choose the person who will assist you during the process. We recommend choosing someone who knows about you and your tastes. After all, you and your baby are going to be the center of attention and you will be the ones who need to enjoy it.

This person also needs to have the time to plan everything accordingly. If you are thinking of choosing your bestie, make sure that they have enough time to be with you along the way.

You can also choose someone who is really close to you, like your mother or even your partner. Preparing this celebration with someone who is that close to you will give both of you another opportunity to bond.


Choosing the right place and date to prepare your baby shower also comes with a variety of options. The residence of the family-to-be is the most common setting. But if you want to have an outdoor baby shower and prepare a picnic in the park, or maybe have a dinner date with your inner circle of family and friends, you are totally allowed to do either of them! Just make sure that the place that you choose is the right one for everyone to attend.

Remember that the baby shower is usually planned four or six weeks before the baby arrives. That way you will be comfortable during the celebration and you can enjoy it as much as possible, without fear of an emergency!


The best thing about a baby shower is that you can choose any theme that you like! The theme can vary greatly; you can offer a very formal occasion just as effectively as you could a casual get-together with your loved ones.

We have found that couples prefer to create their baby showers around the things that they love, like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Others focus completely on their baby by developing more universal themes, like A Day in The Jungle or Walking in The Clouds.

Just make sure that above all, the theme that you choose will make you remember this date with a smile on your face.


Once these first three steps are done, it is time to go shopping! You will have to buy everything you think you will need, from the food to the decorations.

In this step, you will be able to choose the cake, the flower arrangements, the menu, the invitation cards, and more. To make this daunting task much easier, you will be doing all of this with your host.

Our favorite part of shopping for a baby shower is when we’re picking the right Maternity Baby Shower Dress! We will delve into that part of the shopping experience a little further by giving you our 2 picks for this special time in your life.


If you are doing something casual, we have the Striped Peasant Plus Maternity Dress, which comes in four beautiful colors. In addition to the pop of color the stripes provide for the dress overall, the bangle sleeves make it a one-piece wonder that will make you feel comfortable and loved during the whole celebration.


If you are doing something fancier, then we recommend choosing our Lace Swing Maternity Dress. Wearing this dress during your baby shower will make you feel ultra-stylish, especially if you want to invite your colleagues from work, or the people in your life who have given you the greatest motivation to be the best you that you could be. The best part is that you can use it during different occasions!


Now that you have everything that you need, it is time to prepare some games for everyone to have some fun! The most common game to play is for guests to guessing the gender of your baby. Everyone writes down who they think you will having and reveal it at the end of the party! It will allow everyone to remain present and engaged during the whole celebration.

You can also do little things like measuring your belly or guessing what’s inside the gift before opening them! Finding good baby shower games will help you enjoy and remember this party for the rest of your life!

These are the most important steps for us personally, but you can always investigate other options as well, like hiring a photographer to capture the moment or having goodie bags to share at the end of the day. Whatever you decide to do, always make sure that you have this celebration planned so you can enjoy it and cherish it forever.

Making memories as a family is important, so make the first one count and have fun with it!



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