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Posted on March 22 2019

For most women out there, pregnancy demands that they seek out comfort for themselves and all the clothes they wear. This may be the reason why people don't think that being pregnancy and Sexy Maternity Lingerie go together. But they would be completely wrong.

Let's be honest, such an argument doesn’t sound very convincing. If you are pregnant, you are not going to feel like you are the sexiest version of yourself. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes. You also might have to deal with morning sickness and considerable fatigue during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

The developmental history of maternity clothing has also played a role. When you think about maternity underwear, the first things that comes to mind are pumping bras and the most plain cotton panties a company could get away with selling.

However, there is a world full of possibilities out there - especially in this day and age. Many manufacturers and retail stores are opening up to Sexy Maternity Lingerie and even some Plus Size Maternity Lingerie. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter which size you are, there will always be something to wear that will make you feel at your best.

It is true that you have to think about comfort when choosing maternity lingerie, but leaving your daring side behind for the sake of comfort is now a thing of the past.

Your body completely changes when you are pregnant. Since you are producing breastmilk for your baby’s arrival, expect your bra size to change on a regular basis. Your baby bump is going to be growing every month as well, but none of these changes are anything you ought to be embarrassed about. Be proud of your pregnant body - enjoy it, and show it off. You might be pregnant only once, depending on what you decide to do with your new family. So, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy this process as much as you possibly can?

With these facts and opinions in mind, we have some options available, which you can use to rock Sexy Maternity Lingerie and Plus Size Maternity Lingerie - no matter which stage of your pregnancy you are at. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel desired during every step of the process.


Our first pick for Sexy Maternity Lingerie is the Pink Cheeks Set. This two-piece lingerie set is for cute and sweet moms-to-be; it includes a pale pink ruffled mesh babydoll with contrast color trim, ruffled mesh cups, adjustable straps, black satin bow front detail and a matching G-string that acts as the final piece that puts it all together.


Our second pick is the Atlas Set. This set is for moms who feel a little more daring and want to show off every detail of their pregnant body. Each and every one of us can rock this Sexy Maternity Lingerie set feeling comfortable with ourselves, so if you believe you can do it, give it a shot!

The "Atlas" two-piece lingerie set includes a black mesh polka dot babydoll with a satin bow, adjustable straps, and the final piece: a matching G-string.


When it comes to Plus Size Maternity Lingerie, our favorite is the Black Pleated Chemise Set. You can definitely feel romance in the air when you are wearing this set!

It has a pleated chiffon flowy babydoll that includes a satin ribbon halter tie top, it also features beautiful scallop lace cups and contrast satin bow on the center front. The set comes complete with a lace G-string panty, adorned with passion purple bows.


As you can see, Nestling and Co. is the perfect place to find the piece you were looking for to rock out every maternity piece out there. There is a for every item we offer.

Maternity Lingerie can make a difference in how you feel throughout your pregnancy! All you need to do is to find the one that accentuates and outline your womanly form in just the right way.



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