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Posted on January 31 2019

We here at Nestling and Co. have just released our new maternity lingerie and plus size lingerie collection - which focuses on making sure that everybody feels sexy and comfortable with who they are and where they are in life!

We’ve also included plus size maternity lingerie in our new collection. This addition to the collection was created with the underlying philosophy that feeling good and wanted during pregnancy clearly makes a difference.

A woman’s body can change during pregnancy. Many potential mothers feel uncomfortable about how their body is transforming in such a short period of time.

Pregnancy has been known as a difficult stage in a woman's life. Hormones and mood swings occur frequently; moderate to severe cases of pre-partum depression can lead many women to unintentionally hurt their loved one's feelings, just because they’re not feeling 100 percent themselves.

When we started developing this lingerie line, it was always intended to boost confidence in themselves during a special, if not stressful, time in their lives. The maternity lingerie line was designed to follow a woman’s figure throughout every stage of their pregnancy.

It was imperative to emphasize utility and sexiness within each set of lingerie that was created. If a woman finds out that they are pregnant, or if they are at the final trimester of their pregnancy, a variety of options are there for them to consider.

We also made it a point to consider the needs of plus size women by launching a plus size maternity lingerie line within the collection. After all, every body types is different and everybody has the right to feel sexy whenever they want. This maternity collection allows plus size moms to keep in touch with their sensuality, even when they are pregnant or nursing.

Inside our lingerie collection, we’ve included sexy nursing bras! The nursing bra and its additional nursing apparel boast a wide variety of choices for a woman to feel comfortable at any time and any place.

If you are a plus size woman, we’ve got a collection available for your body type. Within the Nestling and Co. website, the Plus Size Lingerie collection includes lingerie sets, jumpsuits, babydolls, gowns, and more.

We believe that we offer the finest lingerie pieces for every woman out there. Our complete collection allows the discreet shopper to find something they can enjoy - whether it’s all about feeling comfortable or all about having a fun and sexy night with their partners.

As such, each collection offers a wide palette of design and fabrics. Some enjoy a comfy and classy unicolor set, while others prefer patterns, lace, or more risqué designs.

Spicing up a lingerie collection can be as easy as finding these pieces online! We can say that women like us enjoy spending some time in front of the computer and discovering our favorite bits and pieces.

If you visit our website, you can enjoy browsing through our plus size maternity lingerie, plus size lingerie, and maternity lingerie selections. There’s bound to be a design for every body type, set at an affordable price. Be sure to explore what we have to offer and find the best women’s lingerie designs for you!



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