Revealing your pregnancy

Written by Erica C


Posted on March 04 2016

Revealing your pregnancy can be exciting yet nerve racking.  Wether its expected, unexpected or maybe its something you been wanting for a really long time and it finally happened.  No matter the case, you have to reveal it to your significant other, parents, kids and whole family.  How is the million dollar question.  That’s where we help you.

First, plan out how many announcements you will have to make based on family politics.  Make sure you include all the important people in your life.  If you have families that don’t always get along with each other plan it out separate.  Or, you might have a huge family who all love each other allowing you to spill the exciting news at a big gathering.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for you:

Check your email:

So many people now communicate through email and text.  Take a pregnancy test, take a picture, and send it via email. Or, maybe you just want to make a fake email of some kind pretending it’s something from a doctor. Somewhere along the lines of this email you’ll want to add “ your due date is ___” or some creative wording of your own.

You are eligible for a Fathers Day Gift:

Father’s day is something that every guy some day hopes to experience. Giving them the news they are going to be a father and making them realize fathers day is now their day, is just the cherry on top.

Baby Gifts:

Buy something baby related, have them open it as though it were a gift for them and watch in excitement as they realize whats really going on.

If none of these are for you, here are some adorable pics of additional ideas that we loved <3

Christmas pregnancy announcement       Cute pregnancy announcements

Creative pregnancy announcement       Creative pregnancy announcementsFunny pregnancy announcement       pregnancy announcement





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