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Written by Erica C


Posted on February 04 2016


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Your bras no longer cover your nipple and you have to constantly adjust them. Not very attractive especially when you’re out and about. It's time to give in and buy some maternity bras and nursing bras. Why you may ask? Well besides the basic department store ones, they make really cute nursing bras now a days that will last you from mid pregnancy till you decide to stop breastfeeding your young one.


Many mothers don’t decide on breastfeeding till they have their newborn in their arms. So why breast-feed your baby? Breastfeeding is something that is known to be good to your baby’s health and development. Well let’s begin with all the nutrients that you are giving your baby that formula cannot give them. A baby is prone to many viruses and infections from the moment that they take their very first breathe.

There are many articles regarding how breastfeeding your baby can prevent future health problems growing up. Your baby will grow healthy and strong bones that will be useful to them all their lives.  Breastfeeding after birth as well is know to help your uterus return to normal state faster than a mother who decides not to breast feed for whatever the reason may be.  Lets not leave out the wonderful feeling a mother gets giving their baby nutrients their body has created just for their new born.  It gives mother the feeling of empowerment and love and is a beautiful opportunity to bond with baby.


Now that breastfeeding has become such a huge movement, mothers are able to freely breastfeed their young ones without being criticized or asked to do it more privately.  Nursing bras will give you the benefit of being able to easily get in and out of your bra to feed your hungry baby.  From easy access to comfort and style, these bras will be right hand before and after pregnancy.

Here are some great buys for your pregnancy needs:


Violet Maternity & Nursing Bra

 Elise Maternity & Nursing Bra

Black Nursing Bra - Rumi Noir

Heather Grey Double Layer Short Sleeve Nursing Top

Nursing Pajamas - Ask For The Swoon


Breastfeeding is a unique and personal choice for every mother.  You should always do what you feel is best for you, your baby and lifestyle.  
























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