Preparing for Delivery Date

Written by Erica C


Posted on February 06 2016


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The most overwhelming, anticipated and exciting part of being pregnant is giving birth. After the long 9 months I’m sure you just want this baby out. From trying to patiently wait for the delivery date, to constantly trying to Google different ways to speed up the process you have to give yourself some time to really prepare yourself for what’s to come.


Create a birth plan with your doctor and your significant other. This is the time to discuss any question you may have with your doctor regarding your baby’s birth. Ask every question that may pop in your head, as dumb as it may be.


This is also the time to discuss how you will go about pain medication if it is wished upon. Discussing who will be in the room with you when you are delivering the baby is also something you need to have planned out. I have seen many cases where family members think they will be allowed in and turned away or are faced with arguments and little fits about the whole situation.  Make it clear what your plan will be.  Take classes to prepare you for the pain and process of birth.  Educate yourself by reading online articles and books.  There is no such thing as too much planning. Make a checklist for yourself and your newborn. Don’t forget your nursing tops and your newborn car seat! You’ll need these.  Below is our free Newborn Checklist that was put together by Mommylicious herself and mommy to two:Newborn Checklist


Here is are a few items that you will want to have on hand for your hospital stay and first few weeks at home with baby:


 Nursing Pajamas - Sweetheart Nightie














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