Secrets to Fashion during Pregnancy

Written by Erica C


Posted on January 30 2016



Every woman internally has a desire to look her best at all times. Especially being in the era that were in, we have beauty and fashion talk all around us. Usually you would think pregnancy gets you a break, and you don’t have to worry about what to wear or being judged. WRONG! All people who are familiar with you will ask how far along you are? Will ask to touch your belly, will tell you how wonderful you look even if you are in a t-shirt and jeans that barely fit. As if people weren’t full of enough criticism already, lets be real here. Women gossip. The last thing you want is to let go of yourself during pregnancy. We get it moms pregnancy sucks up a whole lot of energy out of you. Then there is the glowing face, and long locks of hair and sudden full butt and chest. Use these to your advantage and make yourself look and feel your best. Flaunt it while you got it! 


So just how will you look your best during this pregnancy? Mommylicious Maternity has your back with tips on stylish maternity clothes.


Tip 1: Dress around your baby bump; don’t wear oversized clothes to hide your bump.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of color, were coming close to seasons changing and there is so many choices for maternity summer dresses and tops.

Tips 3: Horizontal stripes! Yes horizontal stripes! Horizontal stripes are a key element in your maternity wear wardrobe. Dress it up or dress it down. Celebrities seem to love this.

Tip 4: Booties and tennis shoes will be your best friend during pregnancy. You’ll be in style and comfort.



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