Dear Plus Sized Mommies To Be

Written by Erica C


Posted on January 28 2016





As if finding cute affordable clothes for plus size wasn’t hard enough. Now you find yourself pregnant and your regular size clothing won’t seem to fit comfortably around your baby bump. There is always the solution of wearing your boyfriend or husbands oversized shirts to fit over your baby bump but realistically, is that really cute? My guess is you don’t feel your best in a men’s oversized shirt. There is a number of ways that you could probably fake it till you make it, but lets make your life a whole lot easier and find you cute maternity clothes at an affordable price. Whether it’s a sexy black maternity dress, a stylish outfit for an outing or maybe you need a specific color like a white maternity dress for a baby shower we got your baby bump covered! Lets make you mommas glow this coming season!

Some helpful tips for you plus size soon to be mommies are,

1. Try and stay away from anything with elastics. Instead go for light fabrics that will fall around your growing baby bump. 

2. Look the pregnant part, being plus it maybe a little harder to show off your baby bump. Look for materials that nip at the right places. This will avoid making you look like a tent. 

3. Belt it. You can always add shape with belting anything that just falls over your stomach. This could be any old belt you have laying around or a ribbon can work as well. Tie it right below your bust, this works best for dresses and tunic shirts. 

Here are some suggestions to some amazing options for various occasions:

Little Black Maternity Dress

Aqua Love Maternity Dress









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