The Trials and Tribulations of Breatfeeding!

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on November 16 2010


Breastfeeding can be an awesome experience but some women find it to be overwhelming. You may be one of the many women that need a little direction and help. Breastfeeding is not just one of these natural things that we are born knowing. It requires technique and patience. However, do not get discouraged, you are not alone and you will successfully get this skill down with a few simple tips from Mommylicious.

First and foremost you have to understand how a human being swallows. One of the best real life examples you can try at home is going to your kitchen, getting a cup of water, and by placeing a straw in the cup. Now, take a sip of water and notice the position of your head when drinking. You will notice that you ear and you shoulder are lined up and you head is not tilted in any direction.

The same goes for your baby, he or she will be most comfortable nursing in the same position. Therefore, while nursing make sure that no matter what hold you have the baby in, make sure that their ear, shoulder and hip are all aligned in a straight line. This is one of the best tricks I ever learned.  Next, getting baby to latch on. Once you have the baby in position, place your breast in one hand with you hand in a “C” shape cupping your breast from the bottom and the tip of your fingers around your nipple area.

You then want to gently brush your nipple in a downward motion along baby's bottom lip enticing him to open his mouth. At the moment his mouth is completely open only then do you want to place your nipple in his mouth with the tip of your nipple touching the roof of his mouth. If the baby is properly latched on, you should not see any of your nipple unless you have very large nipple which in that case you should only see the edges. You can also guage baby's latch by how it feels.

You should feel the baby make a few fast sucks followed by a long drawing suck. Furthermore, you should be able to feel your milk let down. You will want to make sure you nurse on each side so that you do not have a side that produces significantly more milk than the other. If baby only wants to nurse on one side then you need to be sure to pump on your other side right after to express all of the milk so that you do not become engorged or end up with an infection.

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