Hot Sex During Pregnancy: And The Lingerie To Go With It

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on August 24 2010

Sex during pregnancy may sound awkward, but it can actually be pretty amazing. There is a tremendous amount of blood flow in your vaginal area, which makes you ultra sensitive. You're in the mix for some amazing orgasms. But how do you do reach this heightened sensation, you may ask? Well, there are many ways!

During the first trimester, there is no need to bother with new positions. Truth is, you might just feel too sick to even want to get into it. Once you hit about 16 weeks, however, morning sickness goes away and the hormones are out of control!   

The second trimester is when you most likely will start showing. From then on, you'll have to get a little creative so that you don’t squish that bun in the oven. Doggy style (a classic) is pretty much a safe position throughout your pregnancy although at the very end it might get a little uncomfortable since your belly will be hanging below you and will be rather large. 

Cowgirl is a great one because you not only are in control, you have absolutely no discomfort. Reverse Cowgirl is even better if you feel all National Geographic and want some privacy as you're enjoying the ride! Objects are larger than they appear during pregnancy! LOL! 

There is always the classic lazy sex: you laying on your side; and last but not least, you can indulge in some good old leaning up against the wall.  

Sadly,the missionary position, along with swinging from the Chandelier and any other exotic moves, will be out of the questions for at least 6 months.  

Toys are OK as long as you are somewhat gentle and don’t double dip, if you know what I mean! 

Below are pics and links to the maternity lingerie we created to optimize the experience for both you and your partner!

Our Luscious In Lime BabyDoll

The Adriana Nightie

The Marie at Midnight

This one is spicy and stretchy for your 3rd trimester! 

The Gigi Halter Nightie

This one is perfect for the 2nd & 3rd trimester and it will cover your tummy after you give birth as you transition back to your normal weight.  Or it is great if you are self-conscious in the bedroom about your new body or after baby body, that is why we designed it to be sexy yet in a solid fabric :)

Keep it safe and simple and enjoy the heightened sensitivity pregnancy offers during sex.




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    I like the lingerie. But I have extremely low self esteem with my pregnancy bell. I dis agree with everything in my closet and everything at the store. Does anyone have any suggestions for me when it comes down to feeling okay in my own skin/naked in front of my partner???

    Posted by Amanda | February 01, 2015
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    I presume a lot of that will come nallaruty, especially as you’re a phenomenal person. I think leading by example will go far (I think?) for example, my mother has always been extremely outspoken against racism and homophobia, she even yelled at my neighbour in front of me when I was 10 because they used a racial slur; to this day, I am so proud of her and pride myself on being exactly that. One thing I hope to keep in mind when I have a kid is to support them and foster their interests, which my parents weren’t the best at doing. If they did, I would have been working with animals from the get go, but they didn’t think it was a good career choice.

    Posted by Bandi | March 30, 2014
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