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Top 8 Blogs You Should Read For Pregnancy and Parenting Advice

Written by Claire Scanlon


Posted on March 09 2015

At Mommylicious Maternity, we aim to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Not only do we provide clothing for you to rock your style in, we provide useful insights and advice with pregnancy and parenting topics. 

Knowledge is power.


Top 8 Blogs You Should Read For Pregnancy and Parenting Advice

So we wanted to feature some of these amazing bloggers that write about parenting and pregnancy. These blogs are full of useful advice, inspiration and insights from other parents. Not only that, Mommylicious contacted the top bloggers and got their insights. 


"Pecking away at the myths of pregnancy while keeping it sunny side up."

"Pecking away at the myths of pregnancy while keeping it sunny side up."

 Amy Morrison is the mastermind behind this inspirational, informative and hilarious blog. Pregnant Chicken gives advice on pregnancy, baby health and post-birth.

Amy Morrison works as a full-time graphic designer, mother and blogger. 

Amy and Pregnant Chicken stood out to Mommylicious Maternity because Amy finds the irony and humor in every situation, good or bad. Her advice is also full of honesty. And that's a great attitude to have going through life. 

If you could pick any 2-3 articles on your blog for a pregnant woman, which ones would you pick?

Amy: "I would pick Why You’re Not Failing as a Mother” and “Easiest Birth Ever”.

    1. http://www.pregnantchicken.com/pregnant-chicken-blog/2012/2/6/easiest-births-ever.html 
    2. http://www.pregnantchicken.com/pregnant-chicken-blog/2012/11/9/why-youre-never-failing-as-a-mother   

    What advice would you give to women who are pregnant and/or nursing?

    Amy: Feeling prepared will always make a challenge easier so read books and blogs, take classes, and talk to people you trust. But always remember that no one does it perfectly so cut yourself some slack. 

    What is the funniest pregnancy experience you've had? 

    Amy:  I had to call my husband to get me out of the bath when I was 38 weeks pregnant because I was so big and couldn’t get out. It wasn’t pretty. That kind of thing is the true test of love.




     JJ Ghatt is the mastermind behind the Bellyitch blog. JJ does it all- being a parent, attorney and  blogger. 

    Bellyitch provides valuable advice and news to any type of parent- expecting parents, new parents and veteran parents. Not only is there valuable advice, but it is great for maternity fashion, being involved in the "celebrity baby bump" watch, and seeing what pregnant celebrities are rocking their style in. 

    Mommylicious Maternity picked JJ Ghatt and Bellyitch Blog as one of our favorite blogs due to her honesty with product reviews, useful advice with pregnancy & parenting, and her involvement in charities. 

    If you could pick any of the articles on your blog for a pregnant woman, which ones would you pick?

      JJ: I would pick the following articles: 

      1. http://www.bellyitchblog.com/2014/05/12-things-you-do-not-have-to-pack-in.html 
      2. http://www.bellyitchblog.com/2012/10/top-10-things-your-mother-will-never.html 
      3. http://www.bellyitchblog.com/2009/08/top-ten-ways-to-use-your-belly-and-baby.html 
      4. http://www.bellyitchblog.com/2015/02/maternity-styling-tips-for-chic.html 

      What advice would you give to women who are pregnant and/or nursing?

      JJ: Listen to your intuition and trust your instincts, whether it is about changing an uncomfortable position while exercising, feeding yourself when hungry, skipping advice you read in a book that doesn't make sense for you or abandoning an item on your birth plan.

      Expect the unexpected, but go with the flow and be flexible. It's easy to let our fears and stuff other people tell us about pregnancy give us anxiety. You'll find when you let all the noise go, life and the pregnancy will be less stressful and go more smoothly.


      What is the craziest/most false rumor that you've heard relating to pregnancy and parenting?

      JJ: This isn't necessarily "crazy" but when people say they lost weight simply by breastfeeding because it burns about 500 calories makes some think they can continue to eat whatever they want after the baby arrives and not take time to squeeze in some semblance of a fitness routine after it is safe to do so and getting the okay from the doctor.

      I did lose a lot of weight but I also credit my post-natal pilates regimen and super active lifestyle. Breastfeeding left me parched so I drank a lot more water than usual which is also key to weight loss. So there are a combination of things in effect that contribute to weight loss while breastfeeding and eating healthy should remain a priority nonetheless.

       Derived from website: Fit Pregnancy is an online magazine and guide for moms-to-be with tips on pregnancy, nutrition, fitness, exercises, baby care and weight loss.
      Stop, Drop and Blog is a blog written about being a fire family (the husband is a firefighter), parenting, motherhood, childhood, politics, religion and product reviews. 

      The Baby Making Machine is a compilation of Jennifer documenting her pregnancies, career, relationships, and parenting experience. 

        The Obviously Marvelous blog covers the topics of family, fashion, food and entertainment.
           The Bump provides pregnancy information, baby advice and parenting tips. 
             Hello Bee is a great blog that covers the topics of trying to conceive, pregnancy, and parenthood.



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