Time To DressUp Your Bump Without Frump: Plus Sized Maternity Clothing

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on February 19 2015

It's hard to imagine in this age of celebrity baby bumps, but not too long ago Plus Sized women were expected to hide their pregnancies with shapeless fashions. While it can still be challenging to dress your growing baby bump, Plus Size women can find fashionable Plus Size maternity dresses in a variety of styles and price points.

" It's all about keeping true to your own style."

A Common Misconception

It is a common misconception that Plus Size maternity clothes used to be... well, awful. People think that once upon a time Plus Size pregnant women only wore oversized shirts, shapeless dresses and not much else. And while those items were constantly in the maternity repertoire, Plus Size pregnancy clothes have actually always been stylish.

" It's Time To Look Cute Without Going Broke! "

Wearing regular clothes in slightly bigger sizes tends to work best for women who are around a size 24 or larger at the beginning of the pregnancy, as they tend not to gain much weight or size. Women who are size 16 - 22 are more likely to need the special fit of maternity clothes earlier and more extensively, as they gain weight and size more like average-sized women. Body type can also make a difference, with "apple" body types tending to need the special fit of maternity clothes more than "pears" or "hourglasses". Of course, your experience may differ! But generally speaking, if you are a size 16-22, you should probably plan on buying a fair amount of maternity wear. If you are a size 24 or above, you have the choice of buying maternity wear or regular clothes in larger sizes, or combining the two approaches.

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" We have got you covered! "

Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to find plus size clothes let alone plus size maternity clothes. So, Have no fear because we have you covered! Scroll down and you’ll see plus size maternity clothes and then you’ll see our top must haves. We should all be able to look cute without going broke during pregnancy. Just because you’re plus size and pregnant does not mean you can’t look fashionable and be comfortable. It may seem daunting to find stylish plus size maternity clothing but don’t despair. Here’s 8 cool plus size maternity clothes in solid colors which look fabulous:

Sweet Silhouettes - Black Plus Maternity Dress

Stripes, Camera, Action - Plus Maternity Dress

Kimono Let's Go - Black Maternity Dress

The Dream Of The Crop - Plus Size Maternity Dress

Pretty As A Picture - Plus Size Maternity Sundress

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" Plus Size Maternity Clothes Sizing "

A plus-sized woman who already wears stretchy and loose clothes may be wondering if she can just make do with the clothes she already has. The best plan is to take it a week at a time. It is quite possible you can wear the clothes you already own until the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Then you may need to invest in a few few select pieces of plus-size maternity clothes to tide you over until you deliver your baby.

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If you wear size 28 or larger, you may not need maternity clothes at all. Instead, you might find that you can wear loose-fitting, trapeze, and empire-styled non-maternity clothes in a size or two larger than your pre-pregnancy size.If you are a plus-sized lady, you are probably already accustomed to dressing for comfort while retaining your own sense of style. Your closet may already hold many items that will help you get through at least the first months of your pregnancy, including: Plus Size Maternity Tops | Plus Size Maternity Bottoms | Plus Size Maternity Lingerie

Patterns are available and fabric selections are extensive. Check with similarly-sized friends or family members to see if they have plus sized maternity clothing you can borrow. Last, do not forget to seek out consignment shops, thrift stores, and online auction options.

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"DressUp Your Bump Without Frump @ Mommylicious Maternity"

Large women vary greatly in their clothing needs during pregnancy. Some never need special maternity clothes while others need the special fit of maternity wear early on. It is probably smartest to wait and see what you will need, clothing-wise, until you start to increase and you can determine your needs.


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