A Buying Guide For Maternity Dresses & Maternity Clothes in 2015

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on January 08 2015

A Buying Guide For Maternity Dresses & Maternity Clothes

Shopping for maternity has hardly ever been what you would call easy. However, in recent years the industry has grown quite large which is a good thing, mostly. It's a good thing because our mothers-to-be finally have more than a few select bland options, and it's a bad thing because picking your kind of maternity clothes has become a daunting task. And gods forbid the process of picking a maternity dress for a baby shower or some other occasion. All those troubles end here! For this article is going to be your knight in shining armour! This buying guide is not going to help you pick the 'right' kind of maternity of clothes but rather help you pick out 'your' kind of maternity clothes.

Let's get right into it!


All about the Size

What size maternity clothes should i buy?

Maternity dresses are all about comfort. Being pregnant is not an task and the absolute last thing you want to do is to try and squeeze into a dress smaller than your size thinking that it'll just stretch, the constant nip of the tight cloth will not be pleasant. So be sure to pick out your exact pre pregnancy size (if not any larger).

Maternity wear is designed to give you a little extra room where it is most needed, like the bust and the belly area. When you shop for maternity wear, choose the size you would have before your pregnancy. Maternity wear is designed to give you extra room where you need it the most - around the bust and belly area so you needn't worry much about them and should instead focus more on the fitting around other areas. If you are expecting to carry more than one baby then so you ought to opt for the next size up.

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Know your Fabrics


Maternity wear is usually made of strong and stretchy material that has the ability to grow with you. But that's not all that you should look out for, you want a breathable fabric to deal with those sudden hot flashes. Cotton, modal and bamboo are ideal for such a scenario, as they are known to be stretchy and breathable. Synthetics like polyester are a big no-no, fabric like these tend to hold in your body heat.

You want to stay from the maternity clothes that claim to be wrinkle free as some of them may be treated with chemicals like formaldehyde (which can be dangerous for the mother as well as the bay).

Go for high quality and durable material that won't pop after a few hours of wear. And most important of all! Make sure it's comfortable. You could consider wearing a layer of cotton underneath the dress if it's too rough for your liking.

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It's all in the colors and patterns

Floral, white, off-white and light pastel shades are great color options. You want to go for solid neutral colors. And slightly darker colors if it's an evening even you plan on wearing the dress too, but solid neutral colors are definitely the way to go for a baby shower.

Moving onto the pattern, any overly complex or a bold pattern will bring attention to your now fuller figure. To avoid this, you could try going for neutral and subdued patterns. Now I know this may be unpopular with some of you, but you can make up for the missing flair by going all out on your accessories! Make them flashy and bright and all other loud things!

Tights are always a safe choice


Tights are sometimes referred to as the "little black dresses for pregnant women". Tights are wonderful, they are stretchy, comfortable, and can be worn in practically any weather! They are the perfect companion for your pregnancy, and you can wear the same set of them from the very beginning till the absolute end. They are the comfortable second skin you wish you had.

Pair them up with the right kind of dress and you'll have created the perfect outfit, one which supports both comfort and ravishing good looks.

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For Plus-Size Pregnancy

We carry a wide selection of cute and trendy plus size maternity dresses and much more maternity to highlight your beauty. From the perfect baby shower dress, to a perfect maternity dress, Mommylicious Maternity has everything for Plus Size moms. 

Keep your unique sense of style with our affordable maternity clothes. Mommylicious Maternity offers  variety of plus size maternity wear up to the 2XL size. We have decent sized maternity clothing offering however in store choices are a bit limited. The same is true for our  maternity dresses for baby shower.

For more details, you might want to read this pluz size maternity clothes buying guide and other tips for Plus Size Maternity Clothes.

The small details

There are 'extras' that you need to be careful about when picking out your maternity dress. Here is a short list of what they are and how you can use them to your advantage:

Under Belly Boxes, Body Jewelry


I'm sure that I don't have to explain exactly how important accessories are. The most admirable thing about them is how they can let you add a little bit of you in any outfit you put on. As I mentioned earlier on in the article, you don't have to worry about your choice of accessories as there are hardly any (if any) restrictions to your selection.

Footwear During Pregnancy

Need I stress the importance of footwear? I thought not. I'll start with the bad news... Ladies, heels are a risky choice and should mostly be avoided. But you can try soft wedges if you simply can't do without heels, but I should point out that they are not too high.

Your body changes in ways during pregnancy that make heels are really bad choice. Heels are not really advisable for a pregnant woman. But if cannot live without your stipulated elevation, here is an option for you. You can safely opt for wedges.

Just take a note that they are not too high as you will also have to deal with some natural symptoms of pregnancy that will render your body and feet averse to wearing heels. You will have swollen ankles and feet during pregnancy and wedges will give you the much needed support and help you feel comfortable as well. However, be sure to consult your doctor whether they are safe or not in his/her opinion.

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