The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for the Mind and Body

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on November 23 2014

Keeping your mind and body aligned throughout pregnancy can be quite a challenge. If you’ve been exploring workout options that are both comfortable and beneficial for you and baby, prenatal yoga might be right for you. There are an abundance of positive benefits of yoga for pregnant women that come with practicing; here are some of the reasons why this might help foster your pregnancy in healthy ways:


  1. Helps relieve body tension – Pregnancy can cause a lot of neck and back strain. Certain Yoga postures can help stretch, release and relax your body in ways that alleviates the built up tension that you might be experiencing.


  1. Contributes to calming the nervous system – Cleansing your tissues of toxins, the asanas are able to help your body more effectively cope through stress and anxiety.


  1. Increases Circulation – Inversion, standing and even relaxing postures have been proven to increase and maintain the body’s proper blood circulation. Pumping blood against gravity and relaxing the muscles are just two examples of how this style of yoga can promote better blood flow.


  1. Supports breath work practice – As we know, breathing plays a huge part in the labor process. By practicing yoga, you are taught breathing exercises that help you maximize your diaphragm and calm the body. These practices will be very helpful when it comes to the big day of welcoming your child into the world.


  1. Builds strength and stamina – As our baby and weight grows, yoga can help strengthen our shoulders, arms, backs and hips so we can more comfortably carry our child.


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