5 Tips to Finding Formal Maternity Wear You Can Flaunt!

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on September 29 2014

1. Embrace Your Body

Change isn’t easy, especially when it comes to looks and self esteem. It can be hard to feel chic when nothing seems to fit. If you have a formal event to attend, the options can seem even more limited. Invest in maternity formal dresses that make you feel special. It feels good to feel pretty and serves as a reminder we are not outcasts during pregnancy.

2. Flatter Your Shape

Don’t shy away from your shape - own it. Dress comfortably and showcase your belly-elegance with our diverse line of formal maternity dresses. Owning your new shape while maintaining your style is essential. Finding a dress that fits your curves can help you feel confident when you’re at your heaviest.

3. Capitalize on Comfort

Sometimes there’s nothing easier (or more comfortable) than slipping into a dress...even a formal one! Remember, comfort is key. Select a dress that suits your form without it being too tight. Maternity dresses allow air to circulate, keeping you cool while looking classy. Even though you’re pregnant, you don’t have to substitute feeling comfortable with looking exquisite! ALSO AVAILABLE:

4. Improvise When Needed

Have a semi-formal event? Our super-comfy and chic maternity skirts offer a semi-formal option. They come with expandable elastic side-seams so they can be worn during several stages of pregnancy as well as post-partum. Consider pairing a black maternity skirt (choose jersey for optimum comfort) with one of our classic maternity tops, add a pashmina and viola! It’s an elegant, hip alternative and can go anywhere you do . . . from the office to the opera.


5. Formalize and Accessorize

Accessories tend to take the “formal factor" up a notch. Added bonus: one size fits all stages of pregnancy (yay!). If your formal event is outdoors or in cooler weather, keep a pretty shawl or pashmina around your arms, instead of trying to fit into a coat. Add a formal dimension to one of our trendy maternity tops by flaunting some of your favorite jewelry. Try long, dangling earrings or chunky necklace to de-emphasize fullness in your face.


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