Maternity Dresses for Spring Showers - April Showers

Written by Natalia Benshaw


Posted on March 12 2014

It’s your baby shower and the day is all about you! Pictures of you and your bun in the oven will be cherished in many an album, from your grandma’s flip book to your best girlfriend’s facebook. As you are creating enduring memories of this special time, choose a maternity dress that is classic yet seasonally relevant. Here is a roundup of festively fresh Mommylicious dresses for spring showers.  

  1. Maternity Rooftop Brunch Dress, $49.99


  1. Maternity Shift -Color Block Your Calendar Dress, $59.99


  1. Bali-inspired trendy maternity clothes-Pretty Print-Cess dress, $44.99


  1. Blue Maternity Dresses, $29.99


  1. Baby Shower Dress, My Fair Lady, $59.99


  1. Belted Maternity Dresses-Ladylike Complexity, $59.99






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