How to stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy

Written by 180 Fusion


Posted on April 12 2016

 Health is essential during pregnancy and it’s important to get the right information. For instance, the idea of “eating for two” is actually a myth, as experts recommend only increasing your caloric intake by 300 calories a day while pregnant. Increasing your water intake, sleeping eight hours, participating in light, regular exercise, and improving your posture are all ways to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy. The selection of maternity clothes is typically limited, unattractive, and extremely expensive. Mommylicious Maternity was founded to solve this problem. Feeling comfortable in your skin can be especially difficult during pregnancy, as the body changes shape. Pregnant women shouldn’t feel forced to buy expensive maternity clothes simply out of necessity. Our maternity clothing is stylish, affordable, and comfortable, so mothers-to-be can still look fashionable and feel confident during their pregnancy We carry everything you’ll need throughout your pregnancy and even after the birth of your baby, from formal dresses and beautiful tops, to comfy maternity jeans and nursing bras. Typically, women begin to feel uncomfortable in their normal clothing around the third month of pregnancy, so this is the best time to purchase your maternity clothing. Mommylicious recognizes that all bodies are unique and change differently during pregnancy. The designers we carry create clothing to first fit a woman’s frame and then accommodate her belly. Our clothing will grow with you so you don’t have to worry about continuously purchasing new items. Feel confident throughout your term. Visit to purchase stylish clothing to accommodate your body during this exciting, monumental time of life.



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